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Morefield is truly, a genuine global name in the making. Morefield has mastered himself as a brand, and a music product since 1999, and has affectionately named his signature sound & style “Mo’ville” after his “Soul Pop Blues Jam Band” genre. Now with his brand new signature sound and his amazing new compositions, he has crossed over to films and labeled his film projects Morefield Productions and Mo'ville T.V.

Morefield is not just a musician and film producer, he’s a business man looking out for 2 things. Inspiring the world to love each other, and making money! Morefield says to anyone, “you find me music/film deals, and I’ll give you a residual finders fee for the life of a contract.” Morefield realizes that other people want to make money too, and if they see an opportunity they’ll at least listen or watch it!

2005 - Morefield worked as a dignitary escort and bodyguard for celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford, Scott Baio and Hall & Oates.

2008-09 - Morefield worked for one of the largest progressive Christian mega churches in the nation as an “Off-Site Public Relations Coordinator.” He convinced nightclubs that his organization had a 13,000 person fan base, and instead working out prices to rent the club space, Morefield told them he was gonna bring this fan base to their club and he wasn’t even gonna charge them for it. Most places called back the next week after the events, asking Morefield to come back with another event pushing for a quick commitment.

Morefield took an Adult intelligence scale aka IQ test twice in the past five years and scored 153 the first time, and 149 the second time. He scored off the charts in his testing, with Logic, Visual Apprehension, Spatial Skills, Intuition, and General Knowledge. In a nutshell, this just means that Morefield is a genius at strategic game planning when it comes to business and writing musical and visual compositions that catch the ear in a way that grabs the subconscious mind of the recipient.”

In 09’ Morefield was approached by a film production company and had been asked if they could film a short film of his life after learning of everything he had been through. Morefield agreed, and it can now be viewed on youtube.com/c/themorefield search “Morefield Story.” Morefield is using his success to give other people the tools needed for healing and dealing with their pain.

“We all bring baggage into our relationships and baggage is what hinders our ability to have healthy relationships with others. Since we were made for relationships, I’d say healing is a pretty important process that I get to watch people grow through.

Morefield was a licensed California bodyguard dabbling in personal security work and shortly after moved out of the United States to live overseas to focus on films. Morefield currently resides in Cebu City, Philippines as a music and film producer. He moved to Cebu City in 2014 to utilize the landscapes and the 3rd world economy. Realizing the value of his capital would be tremendously increased would give him the ability to give more people jobs and help the gifted pursue their own dreams. Living in the Philippines he is currently scouting talent to produce, brand, film and market artists he sees fit for stardom. His film projects vary to working with some of the worlds top DJ's to filming local culture and foods of South East Asia & filming his travels.

"It doesn't matter if you become rich or famous. As long as you did your best, that's all that matters. As long as you have good character and treat people with dignity, then that should be successful enough."

(Morefield is currently taveling, scouting talent and location for music & film.)

Morefield has two full-length unreleased albums ready for production.
Morefield is currently looking for a buyer/label, promotions, publicist, tv/movie writer, commercials, and more!