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Morefield is a global brand in the making. Since 1999, Morefield has been creating a signature sound and style, a Soul/Pop/Blues/Jam Band genre, known as Mo’ville. More recently he has moved over to creating new content in a different media…film. He has created a new company to support this, Morefield Productions and has based himself in Cebu City, Philippines.

Morefield has a fascinating history. As a highly accomplished martial artist, he was a personal security expert/escort for a variety of celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford, Scott Baio and Hall & Oates.

At 23 he created an innovative business model, along with the help of mentors that allowed him to take one of the largest progressive Christian mega churches into ultra nightclubs on a zero investment structure. With a large incumbent fan base, Morefield was able to secure a lot of repeat business with prestigious venues.

For more detail on this fascinating history, check out “Morefield story,” on YouTube.com/c/themorefield. This film was created by a professional production company, who, having heard the many interesting facets of his life story wanted to capture it. He then utilized what he learned while working with them and studied Branding and Marketing, which eventually brought him to films.

Evidence of his creativity is further backed up by testing. Twice his IQ score has placed him in the highly gifted category, one in several thousand individuals! He puts this intelligence to good use, constantly evolving creatively as an artist and businessperson.

After working across Personal Security, Event and Music production, Morefield has chosen to extend his activities and focus on Film Production. He has been living in Cebu since 2014 and wanted to create and build both music and film production here in the Philippines. The Philippines present wonderful opportunities…magnificent natural landscapes as a background to content, a highly educated and trained workforce and great quality technical resources. Morefield Productions operates on a highly ethical basis…we want to share Morefield’s extensive experience in music and media production by working with and developing local like minded talent.

Morefield Productions are available to watch at Youtube.com/c/themorefield

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This content demonstrates both our creativity and technical skills, as well as giving the viewer some insight into Morefield’s values and views on the world. Morefield Productions are open to creative partnerships and revenue creation. Anyone wishing to collaborate on media projects, please contact management at the top of the page.